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We know we’re repeating ourselves, but we’re serious  AMC’s (NYSE:AMC) CEO knows exactly what he’s doing, and this isn’t the last you’ve heard of the soon-to-be-legendary AMC meme stock.

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Even if AMC and other meme companies end up retreating into the shadows after their social-driven rise to fame, they’ll be remembered as part of the beginning of a new phenomenon  social momentum trading.

If you had invested in AMC after reading our article from yesterday, you’d have roughly doubled your money, depending when you read this article.

Maybe the price will have dropped by the time you’re reading this. Or maybe it will shoot higher.

There’s really no telling with meme stocks, but we believe AMC in particular has short-term features that some others don’t.

Now could still be a great time to get on this entertainment company’s good side by buying their stock. But, as always, exercise caution, and be ready to sell for a profit when the time comes. 

For now, the price appears to be finding its balance in the $60s. Earlier, it reached an all-time high of $72.62.

Other meme stocks are performing well today too, but not this well.

Crowd favorites such as BlackBerry (NYSE:BB) and Naked (NASDAQ:NAKD) are currently up as much as 30%. And only Bed Bath & Beyond’s (NASDAQ:BBBY) approximately 62% increase and Koss’ (NASDAQ:KOSS) 68% gain come close to AMC’s meteoric rise, which surged more than 90% much of Wednesday.

What AMC Is Doing Well Is What Matters

At the moment, few people seem to care about what isn’t working in AMC’s favor.

All that matters is everything the company is doing right, right now.

Things like catering quickly and efficiently to retail investors are proving to be huge boons to both AMC’s price and social media’s affection towards the entertainment company.

Just look at CEO Adam Aron’s Twitter feed, where he has been tweeting frequently with thoughtful responses to the community’s concerns and also voicing his own enthusiasm for the company’s future. People on social media love AMC and its CEO.

Where GameStop (NYSE:GME) sat back and watched its stock take off, AMC proactively engages with its community. This allows them to capitalize on hype and hopefully convert short-term sentiment into long-term value.

AMC CEO Adam Aron’s most recent strategic move was to launch a new “Communication Initiative” called AMC Investor Connect that seeks to reward retail investors for believing in the company.

Moviegoers are now able to sign up on AMC’s website for a free account, tick a box saying that they are an investor, and exclusive promotions will be sent to them via email in the future.

In addition to receiving free popcorn just for signing up as an investor, AMC’s retail investor crowd can also expect to see free or discounted concessions and tickets, access to exclusive screenings and information straight from the CEO regarding the company and its operations.

Free popcorn has proven to be good news for AMC stock.

But there’s more to this announcement.

Soon, retail investors will start trickling into theatres to redeem their free popcorn and take advantage of other rewards. At that point, we could very well see another social media-led price boost.

The Bottom Line on AMC Stock

News of this clearly-very-appealing promotion comes just one day after a press release detailing the $230.5 million that AMC raised by selling equity to Mudrick Capital (NASDAQ:MUDS).

AMC plans to use these funds to create more value for the company by acquiring leases for new theatres and improving its existing locations  “With our increased liquidity, an increasingly vaccinated population and the imminent release of blockbuster new movie titles, it is time for AMC to go on the offense again.”

Meme stocks may not stay with us as long as other, more reasonable stocks, but we predict this “us versus them” retail investor mentality won’t die out anytime soon.

And if meme stocks stand any chance of surviving in the distant future, after their time in the public eye has waned, they should handle the situation like AMC  with genuine community engagement and value-growing, forward-looking investments.

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On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this video.

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